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The Way of Quality Content

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The content on your website is what will determine how people interact with it. A website with terrible content will drive people away. Google knows what people do when they get to your website. How long they stay on it, what links they click on, what they read, etc. Having a plan will help you succeed in the area of content.

Before You Write Your Content

Do not start writing your content before you have taken time to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Determine who your audience is
  • Choose the right topic
  • Decide how long it will be
  • Research your topic

You need to know who you are talking to. You can’t talk to a 20-year-old the same way you talk to a 70-year-old. They have different perspectives, and see things differently. You can’t talk to men the same way you talk to women. There are so many categories you organize readers into, and you need to identify who your target is. This will help you determine how to approach them

Choosing the right topic and perspective for your content is necessary as well. If you target a specific audience, and then write your content from the wrong perspective, you an alienate them and they will not be engaged.

Going into your writing project with a forecast of how long your article will be will help you come up with the appropriate outline and include the right key points. If you don’t plan properly, you can find yourself having to eliminate things that you need in, or adding meaningless words to make it longer.

While you are writing

The title of the article and the introduction are your opportunities to capture the reader’s attention. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Say something that the reader hasn’t seen, or ask them something they haven’t been asked. They aren’t going to come to your website to see the same stuff they see everywhere else, now are they?

  • Make sure your content is composed of at least 300 words. Anything less than this will tell the search engines, and your readers, that you don’t really care about the topic.
  • Choose a focus keyword and include it in your introduction.
  • Don’t spam your focus keyword throughout your content. Having it show up too often will make you seem cheesy to your readers, and desperate to the search engines.
  • Use transition words between paragraphs and through your content. Transitional words and phrases help to create a natural flow to your work.

Finish strong

When you finish your article, you want your reader to walk away remembering what you were talking to them about. If you give them the best content in the world, but they leave confused and not sure what to do next, you missed the boat. In order to write great content, you need to put time and effort into it. Take it seriously and be diligent. Most of all, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because mistakes are unavoidable. So get out there and start writing! If you need help, contact us today.

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